Standing Only VR

Constrasting with Room Scale, Standing-only VR is a VR design pattern that only lets the user experience it from one main perspective point. It can be 6DOF or 3DOF.

Some room-scale experiences give you enough locomotion/teleportation options that you do not need to move your feet to participate in the experience. They would still be considered “room-scale”.

Examples of Standing Only experiences

  • Cubism
  • Beat-Saber (sort of)

Seated VR

Similar to Standing VR, seated VR experiences can be experienced while sitting in a chair.

If you do not need to be able to complete a 360 rotation (like on a swivel stool), this can be considered “Toilet Ready” VR.

Exmaples of Seated VR Experiences

  • Henry
  • VR Regatta
  • Moss
  • I Expect You To Die