Teleportation is the conceptually simplest form of locomotion. The user selects a new location, and they instantly move to that location. Usually the screen quickly blinks to black.

Teleportation can weaken the feeling of presence, and introduce disorientation.

Granular Teleportation

The user can “go anywhere”. They have the free ability to select where, from available surfaces, they will stand on next. Generally as precisely as they can point.

Examples of Experiences with Granular Teleportation

  • Museum of Other Realities
  • The Lab
  • Tilt Brush
  • Rec Room

Zone-Based Teleportation

Zone based teleportation allows you to select new “rooms” or zones to teleport to, but those zones are linked to your play area, not your feet position.

In other words, you are moving your real play area to discrete and pre-defined spots in the virtual world. From each zone. Then you would likely walk around to interact within the new play area space.

Notes on Design and Implementation

See Notes On Teleportation for a more in-depth discussion of implementing a teleportation mechanic.