VR Legs

Named akin to “sea legs”. Everyone is prone to motion sickness in VR. VR Legs refers to the phenomenon where users who have spent more time in VR become less susceptible to motion sickness.

Generally, attempting to “train” yourself to get VR Legs is not advised, better to take frequent breaks and not worry about it.

There have not been many scientific studies about VR Legs, and the phenomenon is mostly colloquial at this point. Everyone has different innate levels of susceptibility to VR Motion Sickness to begin with. A significant potion of the population likely will never “develop VR legs” and frankly, there isn’t much good research about this right now. It’s very apocryphal.

I don’t believe you can just expose yourself to so much VR that you don’t get motion sick, and I do believe there will always be some motion sickness that you learn to repress, as opposed to physiologically not getting motion sick, but my opinion isn’t strong: waiting on research.